‘I’ve Asked 4 Times!’ MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson Cuts Off Heated Interview as Trump Spox Hogan Gidley Repeatedly Refuses to Give Straight Answers


MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson and a spokesperson for President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign battled on whether the commander-in-chief will abide by Thursday night’s debate rules.

In a heated interview on MSNBC Live Thursday, Trump 2020 spokesperson Hogan Gidley ducked a barrage of questions ahead of the second and final skirmish between the president and 2020 Democratic presidential nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden.

The fireworks began when Gidley accused the Commission on Presidential Debates of being biased against Trump.

After being asked by Jackson whether the Trump campaign will allow the plexiglass on the debate stage to stay in place, Gidley said, “It’s my understanding that is going to remain. It’s not surprising, though. I mean, this commission is completely biased.”

Jackson cut him off. 

“I don’t understand that,” she asked. “What are you basing that on? What are they doing that’s different? I mean they’re putting plexiglass in place because of the coronavirus pandemic that’s happening. They’re muting the microphones to enforce the rules that President Trump himself did not abide by in the first debate. What’s the problem?”

Gidley replied, “Well first of all, there’s no mute button big enough to cover up 50 years of failure for Joe Biden, let’s be clear about that,” before going off on a tangent about Hunter Biden and China.

“I’m specifically asking about your candidate,” Jackson declared. “You work for President Trump, you’re on his campaign. Is he going to respect that mute button? Will he give Joe Biden that uninterrupted speaking time as I know, based on source conversations, some of his advisers are encouraging him to do?”

Gidley refused to answer the question, instead saying, “First of all, it’s the president’s style that got us trade deals, that benefited American workers for the first time in history. Joe Biden didn’t do that. It’s the president’s style that got us peace deals in the Middle East, it made the world a safer place. Joe Biden didn’t do that.”

“It’s President Trump’s style that got our hostages back at a record rate, that defeated ISIS, that cut taxes, that expanded the economy and gave record high employment to African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, and women, but the plexiglass situation…” he went on.

Jackson then cut Gidley off to bring him back to the question, declaring, “I’m bringing you back to the debate and the mic situation and what we’re going to see tonight, because the American people want to know about the issues.”

“I think they care about the substance, so please, come back to the debate, focus for me on that. Is the president going to allow a conversation to happen rather than what we saw at the last time?” she questioned.

Gidley snapped, “I am talking about the issues. I’m also talking about the president’s style. You’re talking about plexiglass. Regardless of that glass, that can’t allow Joe Biden to hide from his record.”

“I’m talking about a microphone,” Jackson shot back.” I just want to on the record that you’re not answering that question. Let me ask you a different one then.”

Gidley then protested, however, “No, hold on, let me answer the question. You asked about the two minutes,” prompting Jackson to say, “Please, I’ve asked four times!… We don’t have 45 minutes.”

The Trump campaign spokesman explained that Trump will not “stand by” and allow Biden to “lie” about him, before Jackson observed, “So that sounds like you’re saying the president is not going to let Joe Biden have his two minutes then.”

Gidley disagreed, concluding “I’m just saying the president is a counter-puncher, and if you’re going to lie about him he’s going to call you out for it. We’ll wait and see what happens in this debate. The president wants to abide by the rules, but if Joe Biden’s not going to be truthful, then the president is going to tell him about it.”

After several more moments of evasiveness from Gidley, Jackson cut off the interview.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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