Jack Kingston Defends Trump’s Rally Slams on George H.W. Bush: ‘I Don’t Think He Was Being Rude’


Jack Kingston defended President Donald Trump on CNN today when asked about how the president mocked George H. W. Bush during his rally last night.

As Trump spoke in Montana, he took a swipe at the Bush’s old presidential campaign phrase “A Thousand Points of Lights.” Bush used the slogan in 1988 to promote volunteerism across the country, and Trump dismissively invoked the line last night while saying that “Make America Great Again” is a far catchier tagline.

“What the hell was that, by the way, thousand points of light? What did that mean? Does anyone know?” Trump said before the crowd. “What the hell was that? Has anyone ever figured that one out? And it was put out by a Republican, wasn’t it?”

Dana Bash asked Kingston about this today while noting that the remarks were criticized by Ari Fleischer, a frequent Trump backer who served as press secretary to H.W. Bush’s son, former President George W. Bush.

When asked if he agreed, the former congressman said, “I don’t think [Trump] was being rude. I don’t think anything should necessarily be off the shelf, untouchable. He was taking a jab at it saying it wasn’t an effective platform.”

As Kingston defended Trump by talking about how the president goes on random tangents during his rallies, he said most of America were unaware of the Bush era phrase. At one point though, he offered a partial scolding of Trump.

“I went to some awards where they would say so and so won a points of light. It was a good thing because it was reaching into the heartland of America. I think it was kind of, why was he doing it? Maybe he was taking a swing at the establishment saying why would you get behind that? Our platform can be summed up in three words, jobs, jobs, jobs. When he is talking about the economy and less regulation and the optimism and the consumers, then he is winning. I think when he starts deviating, he starts losing.”

Bash was surprised by that last part, saying “Wow, I have never heard you say something like that.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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