Jack Welch Defends Trump: ‘Flip Flop Nonsense is Ridiculous Media Blowback’


Critics from both sides of the aisle of have recently noted President Trump’s shifting positions on various policies and recently begun labeling him a “flip-flopper.” There is no denying that there have been big inconsistencies from campaign rhetoric and White House actions, but does is evidence of a craven bullshitter? Or is it the evolution of someone learning and growing into the role?

Former GE CEO Jack Welch appeared on CNN’s Smerconish today and defended his friend, saying that everything that Trump has changed positions on is about “jobs, jobs, jobs.” It shouldn’t come as a surprise that one NY-based business titan would come to the aid of another, but calling this narrative “ridiculous media blowback,” takes the defense to another level.

Watch the clip above via CNN.

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