Jacksonville Shooting Witness Who Hid in Bathroom Describes Chaos: Everyone Was Dropping


Just after a mass shooting broke out at a Madden 19 Tournament in Jacksonville, FL Sunday, a witness who’d been inside the room told CNN of the chaos that unfolded as he hid from the gunfire.

Describing the scene during a phone interview, Ryan Alemon said it happened when he was watching a couple players face off in the football video game and they noticed a gun with what may have been a laser.

“He shot true,” Alemon said. “Everybody just started running. I ducked down. I went towards the restroom. As I was going in the restroom, I stayed in there, and I just heard — there was so many gunshots, at least 20 of them at the most.”

Alemon, who spoke with the network’s Fredricka Whitfield, said he could barely talk because he was in such a state of shock. He couldn’t remember descriptions of the range of people at the tournament, but he said he believes there were around 40 or 50 attending.

“They went to the back. They were just shooting,” he told Whitfield. “They were shooting, everyone was just running and was just dropping because they were getting shot.”

After about ten minutes of hiding in the bathroom, Alemon walked out.

“The gunshots were done,” he said. “Boom, it was done. I waited, I waited a while. When it happened, I didn’t hear anything. I just heard yelling. I heard like, ‘help me, I’m shot,’ and all this. I peeked out, I opened the door a little bit to make sure nobody’s around.”

As he left the area, he said he saw at least six people on the floor who’d been shot.

The investigation remains ongoing, and local authorities plan to hold a press conference this afternoon.

Watch the clip above via CNN.

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