Jake Tapper Calls Out GOP Hypocrisy on Private Depositions: ‘Key Part of How Republicans Conducted Oversight’


CNN’s Jake Tapper noted GOP lawmakers were once much more stringent on upholding secret hearings, digging up a clip of former Rep. Trey Gowdy kicking another Republican out of a secret hearing.

During his open on The Lead Thursday, Tapper said Republicans are “attacking the fact that these depositions of witnesses conducted by both Democrats and Republicans are being done in private. This, of course, is the way for them to attack Democrats without having to address the president’s conduct and the allegations being made about a quid pro quo.”

Yesterday, Republican lawmakers led by Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz crashed a secured private hearing in the Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) in Congress.

“Now as a journalist, I should say I want everything out in the open, depositions, hearings, everything. But Republicans attacking the notion of private depositions is a complete contradiction of how Republicans, when they were in the majority, conducted depositions,” Tapper said, playing a clip of a 2018 interview with then-House Oversight ChairmanGowdy.

“Public hearings are a circus, that’s why I don’t like to do them. I don’t do many of them. I mean, it’s a freak show. The private interviews are much more constructive,” Gowdy told CBS’ Margaret Brennan on Face the Nation in 2018.

Tapper then played a clip of Gowdy escorting GOP Rep. Darrell Issa out of a Benghazi committee hearing.

“In fact, in 2015 when Republican congressman Darrell Issa went into a private deposition for the Benghazi committee, a committee Issa was not a member of, Gowdy escorted him out. Why attack the private depositions that were such a key part of how Republicans conducted oversight?” Tapper asked.

Watch above, via CNN.

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