Jake Tapper Calls Out Police Brutality Against Protesters, Reporters Amid Civil Unrest: We ‘See the Abuse With Our Own Eyes’


CNN’s Jake Tapper concluded his latest State of the Union show by ripping the police for their abusive actions against protesters and reporters caught up in America’s social unrest.

As George Floyd’s death continues to spark protests against racial injustice and police brutality, Tapper said “It is shocking to see images of police abusing their power against peaceful citizens, exercising their constitutional rights, and then to hear officials deny the violence that we saw with our own eyes.”

Tapper continued by listing several incidents where policemen were filmed being physically aggressive toward people as they responded to the Floyd protests. The CNN host invoked the attack on an Australian news crew in Washington D.C., the elderly man in Buffalo who experienced a head injury after cops shoved him down, and an incident where a Philadelphia police official hit a college student with a baton during an intense confrontation with a crowd of protesters.

Tapper noted that in several of these incidents, police departments denied the misconduct of their colleagues despite being confronted with video evidence. Tapper also acknowledged that some people have used the Floyd protests as cover to commit “horrific acts of violence,” but “their crimes do not excuse other crimes.”

“What are the American people to make of these images of officers brutally beating peaceful journalists and protester and then lying about it?” Tapper asked. “It makes people wonder, where would we be if that brave 17-year-old girl in Minneapolis had not filmed the murder of George Floyd. Would Minneapolis police be denying it?…Many Americans want to believe these images of a police force: officers who are honest and part of the community, that these images are representative. But because of the prevalence of cell phone cameras, we are now all able to see the abuse with our own eyes.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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