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Jake Tapper Confronts Tom Cotton: You’re ‘Not at All Disturbed’ by Trump Not Committing to Peaceful Transfer of Power?

CNN’s Jake Tapper confronted Senator Tom Cotton Sunday over President Donald Trump’s comments last week about a peaceful transfer of power.

The president’s comments not committing to a peaceful transfer of power stunned even many Republicans.

Cotton responded by saying he’s confident there will be a peaceful transfer of power “in January 2025, after President Trump finishes his second term.”

“You’re not at all disturbed by what he’s saying about if the ballots aren’t counted — it’s really quite alarming to a lot of Republicans his refusal to say, of course, if I lose, I will abide by a peaceful transfer of power,” Tapper said.

Cotton defended Trump by saying the president was just saying he won’t “concede in advance”:

“He’s since said that if there’s a clear winner, if the courts settle a contested election then of course he will. But the premise of the question that you played me is the president’s going to lose. I don’t think the president is going to lose. The president is going to win. This is just another case where the Democrats are projecting some of their own intentions onto Donald Trump. It wasn’t Donald Trump who sicced the FBI on his opponent. That was Barack Obama and Joe Biden in 2016. Hillary Clinton is the one that said Joe Biden should concede under no conditions. And it was Hillary Clinton’s former campaign chairman who projected that if Joe Biden loses, he would recommend that California and Oregon and Washington threaten to secede from the union to change the results. The Democrats are the ones who should be pressed on whether or not they will accept a loss in November. Because it doesn’t sound to me like they will.”

“There’s a lot to fact-check in what you just said,” Tapper remarked as he wrapped up the interview.

You can watch above, via CNN.

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