comScore Jake Tapper: Democratic Win in Virginia Shows ‘A Rejection of President Trump’

Jake Tapper: Democratic Win in Virginia Shows ‘A Rejection of President Trump’

As election results rolled-in showing Democrat Ralph Northam winning the Virginia governor’s race, CNN’s Jake Tapper viewed the finish a referendum against Donald Trump — despite the increasingly-blue state having already gone for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

“It has to be seen to a degree as a rejection of President Trump, who is the strongest prevailing political figure in the country,” said Tapper, responding the Democrat gubernatorial wins in Virginia and New Jersey — where former US ambassador Phil Murphy won.

Tapper continued:

“That is a strong sign of the rejection of Trump… A message of culture wars, and issues that divide people — especially in Virginia, where there was a horrific murder by a white supremacist in Charlottesville riot. It’s a Democratic leaning state, this is not the entire nation, but it’s a good night for Democrats and I think a rejection to a degree of Trump and, perhaps even more… Trumpism.”

However, as previously noted, Democrats were expected to hold and win both Virginia and New Jersey, as the two relatively blue states went for Clinton in the 2016 presidential election — not for Trump or Trumpism. Though, given the recent Democrat losses in House races they were expected to lose, it seems the CNN host was willing to give the party a moral victory here.

“Democrats have had bad election night after bad election night — finally, Democrats have a win tonight. Two important wins for the Democrats right now,” added Dana Bash, continuing Tapper’s talking point.

The New Jersey governorship was previously held by a Republican for the last eight years, while the current Virginia governor is a Democrat.

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