comScore Jake Tapper: Trump's Epstein Tweets 'Crazy ... And Libelous'

Jake Tapper Explains Why He Didn’t Share Trump’s Epstein Tweets: ‘It Was Just Crazy … And Libelous’


This past Sunday on CNN’s State of the Union, anchor Jake Tapper made the decision not to share President Donald Trump amplifying what he termed “deranged conspiracy theories” about Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide

“I’m not going to show you the tweets,” Tapper said. “President Trump could use his megaphone for anything. But the president often uses it to amplify that which is the worst of us: personal attacks, bigotry, and insane conspiracy theories.”

Thursday night, the CNN anchor expanded on his editorial decision during a visit with Seth Meyers.

“It was just crazy,” Tapper told the NBC late night host. “And libelous.”

Meyers followed-up.

“Are you surprised though that we’re at a time where you cannot show a thing the president said on TV, because it’s too bat**** crazy?” He asked.

Tapper admitted to feeling “weird” about withholding comments from the president.

“It is strange,” Tapper said. “Because he is the president, and everything he tweets is a presidential statement. It is an official presidential statement. And even if it weren’t, he’s still saying it, and he’s still the president. And he retweeted something that was just nuts … And, yeah, it’s weird when you’re like, ‘I’m not going to share what the president said with the American people because it’s so crazy.'”

Watch above, via NBC.

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