Jake Tapper: If Clinton-Lynch Meeting Was Bad, What About Trump Asking McCabe Who He Voted For?


CNN’s Jake Tapper asked on-air today where are all the Republicans who expressed concern about the integrity of the justice system after that Bill ClintonLoretta Lynch tarmac meeting.

Given yesterday’s news about how President Trump reportedly asked FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe who he voted for, Tapper went back to look at what Republicans, especially Trey Gowdy, said about that meeting:

“There should not be different sets of rules for different people. Congressman Gowdy is right. The public has to have confidence in the justice system. He’s right about that too. The Clinton-Lynch meeting on the tarmac undermined that, so why is there now such silence when the President, according to sources close to Comey and McCabe, made what those two FBI officials thought were inappropriate comments in the midst of an investigation into the President’s White House and the President’s campaign team. Again, if you only apply principles to your political opponents and never to yourself and never to your allies, then they’re not principles. They’re the lack thereof.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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