Jake Tapper: If Trump Campaign Contact With Russians Was So Innocent, ‘Why So Many Lies?’

CNN’s Jake Tapper is wondering why President Trump and his team keep changing their stories about Russia if they have nothing to hide.

The president’s son and several of his campaign staff met with a Kremlin affiliate last year because they thought they’d learn damaging information about Hillary Clinton. Tapper began his Monday show with this news, and he also noted how it contrasts Donald Trump Jr.’s previous claim that he attended the meeting to discuss Russian adoption programs and the Magnitsky Act.

Tapper went on to highlight multiple instances where Trump, his son, and his team dismissed the Clinton campaign’s concerns about Russia during the 2016 election. From there, Tapper observed how there’s a growing number of people in Trump’s orbit who misrepresented their interactions with Russian figures throughout the campaign.

“If these contacts and conversations with Russians were so innocent as is being claimed,” Tapper said. “The obvious question, why so many lies about them?”

Watch above, via CNN.

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