Jake Tapper: If Trump Thinks Media is Annoying, Wait Until He Meets Dem House With Subpoena Power


As Wolf Blitzer repeated on Tuesday night CNN’s projection that Democrats will take the majority in the House, he turned to Jake Tapper for comment on what that means for President Donald Trump.

“A big problem,” predicted Tapper.

“This is a huge win for the Democrats,” said Blitzer as he turned to Tapper. “A huge setback for the president and for the Republicans.”

“It is,” Tapper agreed. “And this is going to be a big problem for President Trump going forward. If he thinks that the media is annoying, wait till he meets a Democratic House that has subpoena power and actually has the legal ability to force them to turn over documents.”

“We’re going to look like nothing compared to that,” he continued. “I mean, he is going to find an opposition that he has never really encountered before.”

Trump has had all majorities and rode into office with an actual wave, a red one, in 2016. There may not be a blue wave tonight, but Tapper is correct that the power to oppose now in the hands of Democrats is something he has yet to encounter.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of CNN.

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