Jake Tapper: Lying Has Become a ‘Key Part’ of Trump’s Defense Strategy


Jake Tapper previewed his CNN special “All the President’s Lies” with Brian Stelter this morning and talked about, well, all the president’s lies.

Stelter asked, “Is it fair to say we’re at the point where the president and his allied media outlets are waging a disinformation war on the public? Is it that bad?”

“There’s certainly a lot of disinformation coming from President Trump and his allies in the media and on Capitol Hill,” Tapper said. “There’s a lot of things that are said that are just factually not true. And the truth is I was thinking about this documentary before Ukraine happened, and before this scandal broke. But it has become — disinformation, lying has become a key part of his defense.”

As an example, he brought up Trump saying the whistleblower complaint has been disproven, when further testimony backed up key elements of it.

“So much of this is designed, I think, just to confuse the American people, and muddy the waters and cloud what the facts are,” he added.

Stelter added if journalists will look back on this era and regret not doing more to “speak out about the lying and deceit.”

Tapper said some may, but added, “When I prepare for interviews, I read previous interviews that the Democrat or Republican I’m about to interview has done. And I’m quite often — and I’m not going to give you any names or networks — but I’m quite often stunned at the degree to which just blatant lies are not only said by politicians, but sometimes by members of the media.”

He said it’s not just the lying, it’s “the corruption of the truth” and how people around Trump have to start adapting to the things he says no matter what.

You can watch above, via CNN.

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