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Jake Tapper: May ‘Haunt’ Trump If Voters Judge Him for Backing Roy Moore

CNN’s Jake Tapper said today President Trump has already lost twice after getting behind Luther Strange then Roy Moore. But he noted there may be a third loss that could “haunt” him into the next few years:

“It’s one that could haunt the president if voters choose to see his decision to go all in for Roy Moore as emblematic of a loss of standards and possibly even a loss of basic human decency. The president chose party tribalism by backing Moore when no other senior Republican leader was doing so. This was a candidate about whom his own daughter said there is a special place in hell for those who prey on children. By the time Democrats are done with this decision by President Trump, voters might think that Roy Moore is Donald Trump’s running mate.”

“How long do you think the stink of being attached to Roy Moore––of endorsing Roy Moore––how long can that last with President Trump?” he asked the panel. “Is this something that voters who were turned off by Moore but they might forget about or be willing to accept the president’s explanation eventually?”

Kristen Soltis Anderson said there’s a chance this whole thing “fades,” but on the other hand there’s the potential lasting impact on Republican voters that this kind of moral compromise was made in the first place.

Watch above, via CNN.

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