Jake Tapper on Bill Clinton’s Recent #MeToo Stumbles: I’m ‘Amazed’ How Poorly He’s Handled These Questions

Jake Tapper expressed how “stunned” he was about former President Bill Clinton‘s recent remarks about his affair with Monica Lewinsky and the #MeToo movement.

Last week, Clinton launched a book tour for his thriller co-authored by James Patterson, which began poorly after he was seemingly caught off guard by the Today Show by questions pertaining to Lewinsky, specifically when asked if he thought he owes her an apology in person. And to make matters worse, Clinton insisted that the “norms have changed” regarding what you can do to women “against their will.”

When asked about Clinton’s stumbles, Tapper began by believing his team tried to “prepare him” for such questions and was “amazed” at “how poorly” he has handled them.

“I mean, a lot of them, you could have anticipated,” Tapper told Seth Meyers. “The world has changed in just the last year.”

Tapper proved his point by pointing out how the Tony Awards, which took place just last weekend, had none other than Kevin Spacey hosting the ceremony a year ago before he was accused of assault and child molestation months later as the #MeToo movement took off.

“I think he should have done it again,” Meyers joked. “I thought he was great!”

“The world has changed, so you have to adapt,” Tapper continued.  ” And I would think he would have had automatic answers for ‘Do you owe Monica Lewinski an apology? What do you make of the Me Too movement? What do you make of this individual case, Harvey Weinstein, whoever.’ And, boy, some of the answers have been just — you couldn’t — if you wanted to write the worst answer he could give – it is almost as if. That one he did today about whether or not you can grope people.”

“Yeah, it was… not well-thought out,” Meyers added.”

Watch the clip above, via NBC.

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