Jake Tapper on Comey Firing Tick-Tock: ‘How Many Times Can the White House Just Lie?’

“How many times can they just lie?”

CNN anchor Jake Tapper asked this question just moments after a bombshell Washington Post report came out that outlined new details of how the White House justified the firing of former FBI Director James Comey.

The article specified how President Trump, the White House Press Department and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appear to be at odds over who exactly called for Comey’s firing. The White House initially claimed that this was a Justice Department decision that Trump approved, however Rosenstein is reported to be threatening resignation over that claim.

The shifting narrative has raised reasonable questions about a lot of relevant issues, including a cover-up of possible collusion with Russia intelligence (a growing scandal desperately in need of real evidence), and the core competence of the White House staff itself.

Tapper continued to ridicule the Trump administration, “We’re on day 112,” adding “they give a reason, it’s a complete lie, and the next day they have to give a complete other reason.”

Watch the clip above courtesy of CNN.

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