Jake Tapper Panelist Slams Giuliani: He’s a ‘Free-Wheeling Liar’

On Thursday, a panelist on Jake Tapper‘s show did not hold back at all when talking about President Donald Trump‘s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani and his recent, unsubstantiated claims.

Former Bernie Sanders press secretary and CNN political commentator Symone Sanders was referring to a Thursday afternoon tweet by New York Times’ Maggie Haberman that refuted Giuliani’s claims that he knew what Melania Trump was thinking about the Stormy Daniel‘s affair.

“Hot fire emoji, Hot fire emoji” Sanders said after the tweet flashed on the screen.

“Could Rudy Giuliani possibly not be telling the truth about speaking with the First Lady Melania Trump,” Sanders opined, not hiding her snark. “Gasp, Look, I think Rudy Giuliani is a free-wheeling liar that is willing to say anything he wants to say to make himself look good in his eyes.”

She added: “I think he thinks he’s serving Donald Trump well and he’s not.”

She then accused Giuliani of “marrying his cousin,” prompting Tapper to correct, “It got annulled and it was a second cousin.”

In addition to Giuliani’s comments on Mrs. Trump being called into question, on Thursday, Mike Pompeo also made it clear Trump’s personal lawyer does not speak for the administration on North Korea either.

Watch above, via CNN.

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