Jake Tapper Presses CBP Chief on Undocumented Workers Hired by Trump Org: Seems Like You’re ‘Turning a Blind Eye’

CNN’s Jake Tapper grilled Acting Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Commissioner Mark Morgan on Sunday by asking why the Trump Organization hasn’t been subjected to any raids for undocumented workers.

As Morgan fielded questions about the illegal aliens detained from recent raids around the country, Tapper brought up the Washington Post‘s new reporting on how President Donald Trump’s business empire repeatedly hired a construction crew of undocumented laborers to do work for them. Tapper noted that this isn’t the first time reports indicated the Trump Organization’s employment of illegal immigrants, yet “there have been zero raids on any of those companies despite headline after headline.”

“It seems like you are turning a blind eye to this crime being committed by the president’s own companies,” Tapper said to Morgan.

Morgan said he was offended by the insinuation of immigration officials turning a “blind eye,” but Tapper continued to say “I don’t understand why it is that…there has never been a raid or any sort of law enforcement investigation that we can discern.”

“You really can’t say that for sure,” Morgan responded. “There are investigations going on all of the time that you’re unaware of. And we shouldn’t be aware of those investigations. So those investigations should be done without notifying everyone because of course it will jeopardize the investigation if I come on here and talk to you about an investigation that going on.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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