Jake Tapper Rails Against Trump For ‘Shocking Statements on the Rule of Law’


President Donald Trump has gone after the U.S. criminal justice system hard this week. From calling the system a “laughingstock” for what he deems to be light treatment of terror suspects, to admitting that he is “very frustrated” that he can’t push harder for Federal agencies to go after his chief political enemy, the President hasn’t held back in his comments.

Neither, on Friday, did Jake Tapper.

Calling Trump’s remarks “shocking statements on the rule of law in the United States of America,” The Lead host railed against Trump for his public statements on the criminal justice system this week. Namely, Tapper zeroed in on Trump’s laughingstock comment — which, he believes, undermines the efforts of those in the Department of Justice.

“A lot of people in the justice system might disagree with that,” Tapper said. “They’re working hard to put those people behind bars.”

Tapper added that Trump’s words could potentially “have an effect” on the work of those in the DOJ. And then he summed it all up by criticizing not only Trump, but those in the GOP who — as far is Tapper is concerned — have done nothing but enable him.

“It’s a staggering lack of regard for the sanctity of judicial matters and the norms of the United States government,” Tapper said. “And yet we don’t hear much criticism of this from those on Capitol Hill in the President’s party. Just another periodic reminder none of this is normal.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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