Jake Tapper Rips Trump Flacks’ Spin Dismissing His Tweets: ‘Sheer Nonsense’

On Monday, CNN’s Jake Tapper mocked Sebastian Gorka and Kellyanne Conway‘s talking point about the media’s supposed “obsession” about President Donald Trump’s posts on Twitter. (Conway later took to Twitter to clarify a little.)

“On its face, this is, of course, sheer nonsense,” Tapper said. “The media should cover what the President does as president…But to act as if the media should not pay attention to uncensored statements directly from the President’s brain to his fingertips to the world, via Twitter, that’s laughable.”

The CNN anchor underlined his point by citing Twitter posts from Conway’s own husband, George Conway:

“But you know what? Don’t take it from me. Take it from a noted conservative attorney, who recently took himself out of the running for a senior justice department job in the trump administration. George Conway, who happens to be Kellyanne Conway’s husband — he reacted to Mr. Trump’s Tweets by noting how difficult the Tweets make the job for the administration’s lawyer — the officer of solicitor general, or OSG — to defend the travel ban before the Supreme Court, or SCOTUS. Conway Tweeted, ‘These tweets may make some people feel better, but they certainly won’t help the solicitor general get five votes in the supreme court, which is what actually matters. Sad.'”

Tapper also emphasized that “this George Conway Tweet is significant. It’s a direct criticism of the President from a close ally.” He soon added, “One thing is clear: whatever his team has tried so hard to convince the President to stop these erratic and impulsive actions — it’s not working. You have to try something else; and, yes, we all see what’s going on.”

You can watch Tapper’s full commentary above, via CNN.

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