comScore Jake Tapper Says Trump ‘Harder on Taylor Swift’ Than He is on Saudi Arabia

Jake Tapper Says Trump ‘Harder on Taylor Swift’ Than He is on Saudi Arabia

During a conversation centered around the disappearance of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi, CNN host Jake Tapper suggested President Donald Trump has been harder on a pop star this week than he has been on the Saudi Crown Prince.

“President Trump has been harsher about Taylor Swift this week than he has about MBS,” Tapper said on Friday, referring to Saudi crown prince Mohammad Bin Salman.

Tapper’s comments come more than a week after Khashoggi entered a Saudi consulate in Istanbul seeking papers so he could get married.

Turkish authorities claim they have audio of Khashoggi being beaten, interrogated and ultimately murdered after he went inside the Saudi space.

Earlier today, Khashoggi’s colleague Karen Attiah said Khashoggi was “not the type of writer who wanted to be a revolutionary.”

The Washington Post editor also said the Trump administration was sending the wrong message by not being tougher on the House of Saud.

“Right now, everyone is watching,” Attiah stressed. “Millions around the world are watching, and millions are placing their hope in the United States to do the right thing, and to not coddle brutal regimes that would murder a man who just wanted to go and get married.”

Trump said on Friday he would speak soon to the Saudi king but offered no clear indication what exactly “soon” meant.

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