Jake Tapper: So the POTUS Who Pushed Birtherism Doesn’t Like Ex-Intel Chiefs’ ‘Baseless Accusations’?


Jake Tapper thinks its rich that the Trump Administration wants to pull security clearance away from officials who have leveled so-called “baseless accusations” against the president.

The CNN host opened up The Lead on Monday with a monologue about Sarah Huckabee Sanders‘ latest press briefing. Of course, the focus was on the announcement that the White House is looking at ways to revoke security clearance for James Comey, John Brennan and other intelligence figures who critiqued Donald Trump since leaving office.

As Tapper noted that Trump can’t revoke security clearance from Comey and Andrew McCabe since they’ve already lost it, he pointed out how the White House appears to be targeting those who have raised questions about Trump’s possible ties to Russia. Tapper also noted that security clearance revocation has to be based on more serious ground than criticism, otherwise Barack Obama would’ve taken it away from Michael Flynn while the embattled NSA advisor was campaigning with the president-to-be.

Eventually, Tapper honed in on Sanders for claiming that Trump’s critics are “monetizing and politicizing their public service” to make “baseless accusations” about the POTUS.

“You heard that right. A spokesperson for the nation’s formerly most prominent proponent of the lie that President Obama was not born in the U.S., a guy who suggested that Senator Ted Cruz‘s dad may have played a role in the Kennedy assassination, apparently he doesn’t like baseless accusations.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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