Jake Tapper: ‘Society is Sophisticated Enough to See Through’ Rod Rosenstein’s Denials

During a conversation with Late Show’s Stephen Colbert on Monday, CNN’s Jake Tapper said he doesn’t think society is buying Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein‘s denials about the conversations he had regarding the 25th Amendment, wearing a wire and President Donald Trump.

Tapper’s comment came in response to Colbert noting that during former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe‘s 60 Minutes interview that aired on Sunday, McCabe said that Rosenstein said he was willing to wear a wire into the White House.

“He’s also saying Rod Rosenstein was not joking,” Colbert added.

“Yeah, the Rosenstein denials though are — I mean, at this point, I think society is sophisticated enough to see through them,” Tapper replied. “Am I wrong?”

“Society elected Donald Trump. I’m not entirely sure how sophisticated society is,” Colbert quipped, drawing applause from the audience.

Continuing on, Tapper pointed out the McCabe will say that he and Rosenstein discussed the 25th Amendment. The Justice Department will then come out with a statement saying Rosenstein never invoked the 25th Amendment.

“Nobody said you invoked it,  we said you discussed it,”  Tapper stressed, pointing out Rosenstein’s alleged dodge.

“It keeps on going like that,” Tapper added noting if McCabe says Rosenstein offered to wear a wire, Rosenstein’s response will be “I never wore a wire,” even though no one said he actually wore a wire, only discussed it.

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