Jake Tapper: ‘Terrorist Lover’ Attacks from Trump Defenders ‘Are Not Arguments, They’re Smears’

CNN’s Jake Tapper closed out today’s State of the Union ripping the public officials “attacking those who have questions or who disagree with the decision” to take out Qasem Soleimani and “defaming them as terrorist lovers.”

Tapper first knocked Senator Lindsey Graham for his tweets ripping anyone skeptical about the U.S. intel assessment, saying, “It’s almost as if Senator Graham is unaware that previous administrations from FDR to JFK to LBJ to Nixon to Reagan to Bush to Obama have gotten it wrong when it comes to matters of intelligence and war and peace, not to mention of course this president’s long record of prevarication.”

he also called out Congressman Doug Collins (who said Democrats are “in love with terrorists”), former Ambassador Nikki Haley (who said Democrats are “mourning the loss of Soleimani”), and Lara Trump (who said Democrats “also support terrorists apparently, because so many of them think that killing Soleimani was a terrible idea.”) Collins later apologized.

“Those are not arguments, they’re smears,” Tapper said. “They would get you disqualified from a junior high debate contest. Blind faith in our leaders in matters of life and death for our service members, for the American people, that’s false patriotism, and as Samuel Johnson wrote, such a false patriotism is, ‘the last refuge of a scoundrel.’ Let’s try to keep this debate at a level worthy of the dignity of the service members who are in harm’s way.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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