Jake Tapper: ‘Truly Offensive’ If Trump Was Implying Obama Sympathizes With Terrorists

tapperDonald Trump again made some pretty curious implications about President Obama and Muslim terrorists today, and CNN’s Jake Tapper called him out on it.

Trump said Obama “doesn’t get it or he gets it better than anybody understands” on terrorism, and maybe “he’s got something else in mind… there’s something going on.”

Conclusions drawn from this have ranged to “he thinks Obama’s a secret Muslim” to “he thinks Obama sympathizes with the terrorists” to “he’s suggesting a connection between Obama and Orlando.” That last one was what the Washington Post went with, and Trump revoked their press credentials for it.

Tapper said he reached out to Team Trump for comment, but they wouldn’t clarify what Tapper deemed a “nefarious” suggestion.

He concluded with this:

“If Mr. Trump was not suggesting what so many… thought he was, he should probably clarify it. Because an accusation by a major party presidential nominee that an American president sympathizes with these religious fanatics who bring nothing but hatred and death throughout the world and killed, in cold blood, 49 innocent people just a few hours ago in Orlando, well, that accusation would be ridiculous, and frankly, truly offensive.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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