Jake Tapper Says White House Cancelled John Bolton Interview After Trump Attacked CNN

CNN’s Jake Tapper said that the White House cancelled his interview with National Security Adviser John Bolton after President Donald Trump attacked CNN in a press conference on Friday.

Bolton, according to Tapper, was scheduled to appear on CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday, but the White House cancelled the interview after “the president attacked CNN during his UK presser.”

“We are told Amb. Bolton remains fully prepared to do the interview but the White House has canceled it,” Tapper said.

At Trump’s press conference with Prime Minister Theresa May on Friday, CNN’s White House correspondent Acosta called out a question as the president called on Fox News’ John Roberts.

“CNN is fake news,” Trump barked at Acosta. “I don’t take questions from CNN.”

“Let’s go to a real network,” Trump said, giving the question to Roberts.

“We’re a real network, too, sir,” Acosta protested.

The exchange between the CNN White House reporter and the president continued on Saturday morning.

The White House has not explained why it cancelled Tapper’s interview with Bolton.

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