James Carville: 13 Years From Now, We’re Still Gonna Be Bombing Muslims

Democratic strategist James Carville questioned the wisdom of continued military operations in the Middle East, telling a This Week panel Sunday morning that all the U.S. efforts in Iraq seemed to do was require further U.S. military efforts down the road.

“Thirteen years ago this October we started bombing Muslims in the Middle East,” Carville said. “We’re still bombing them. Does any sane person think that thirteen years from now we’re not going to still be bombing them? Of course we are. …Maybe there’s no alternative other than bombing people. But we’re getting the middle of four, count ’em, four civil wars here.”

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Carville then castigated Congress for being “brave enough” to send air fighters to Iraq but not brave enough to pass a war resolution. Host George Stephanopoulos and GOP strategist Ana Navarro countered that Obama administration was relying on the original AUMF from the previous administration, and was not in fact asking Congress for a new one.

Watch the clip below, via ABC News:

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