James Carville On The View: ‘The Middle Class Got Hit By A Truck’

Pundit and former Bill Clinton campaign strategist James Carville was on The View Tuesday morning to promote his new book, It’s The Middle Class, Stupid. And, like every guest tangentially connected to the election, he was asked to handicap the race. He neatly sidestepped making any explicit predictions, emphasizing instead that both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney need to focus on issues concerning the middle class in their campaigns. He said the American middle class is akin to “somebody that had pneumonia that got hit by a truck,” and although he made several smart points all I could think of for most of the segment was how unbelievably perfect Bill Hader’s Carville impression is.

One person who seemed a bit dissatisfied by Carville’s advice was Barbara Walters, who interrupted his suggestion for a congressional commission on the middle class with an incredulous “Another commission?,” pressing for more specificity in Carville’s characterization of the middle class. The audience seemed on board, however, applauding vigorously when Carville called for solutions to make health care and education more affordable, and to shore up America’s manufacturing industry to return to “a nation that makes things as opposed to a nation that buys things.”

You can see the clip here via ABC:

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