James Carville Offers Recipe For Election Success: Start Paying Attention To The Middle Class

On Rachel Maddow‘s show Tuesday night, James Carville (co-author of It’s the Middle Class, Stupid!) paid a visit to discuss the election campaigning, and to make the case for supporting and defending the middle class. That’s who the candidates need to help, he said — concluding that the one who successfully resonates with concrete plans for that subset of the population will reap the rewards.

Carville wasted no time in getting to his defense of the middle class, arguing that education is an important, and winning, issue that will resonate with voters. A bit later on in the segment, Carville took a more critical look at Democrats. They made a “fundamental error,” he said, in letting go of their uncompromising stance on welfare programs like Medicare and Social Security.

Voters will respond positively to reform that’s coupled with a long-term plan to better these programs, Carville said, but “they won’t pay for the mistakes Washington made in the past.”

He then offered up some free advice: Talk about plans to rebuild the middle class, talk about the long-term benefits of those plans to the middle class. Show the voters that “there’s a way out.” The candidate who does that, he said, will be rewarded.

Take a look, via CNN:

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