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James Carville: Rick Perry Is The Worst Presidential Candidate In American History

Rick Perry‘s devastating fifth-place finish in the Iowa caucus, despite his early buzz and spending the most money in the state, prompted CNN political commentator James Carville to call his campaign the worst in American history. “Rick Perry is the worst presidential campaign, candidate in American history,” Carville boldly declared, spurring loud disagreement with his fellow panelists.

“In American history?” an incredulous Anderson Cooper exclaimed.

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Roland Martin suggested Fred Thompson and Rudy Giuliani were worse, but Carville stood his ground.

“Who is worse? He was on fire. He was on fire for a while. There’s nobody that had worse debates than he did. There was nobody that raised more money to less effect,” Carville explained. “Not Giuliani, not Fred Thompson, not John Connally, not anybody — given the expectations of where he started… I’m sorry, he was the worst ever.”

Martin compared the candidates to star college football players who disappointed in the NFL.

“Rick Perry is Ryan Leaf. Rudy Giuliani is certainly JaMarcus Russell,” Martin said.

Carville surmised the audience wouldn’t know what he was talking about.

Watch Carville’s bold assessment of the Perry campaign below via CNN:

(h/t DC)

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