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James Carville To Imus: President Obama – ‘He’s A Lucky, Lucky, Lucky Guy’

James Carville spoke to Fox Business Network’s Don Imus on Tuesday morning about the state of the presidential race, and how Republicans are allegedly, desperately seeking his advice. “I’m out there speaking to [Republicans] and talking to them and they’re just like flinching,” Carville snarked. “‘God, what are we going to do, Mr. Carville?!’ I’m like, ‘I don’t know, why ask me.’”

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“I don’t think the president is so great either, but–” Imus replied.

“You know what, he is — if this president, if I had anything in the world I would love to do? I would love to go to Las Vegas and stand by him at a craps table. ‘Mr. President, you just throw the dice. I’ve got my money on every roll,’” the Ragin’ Cajun quipped. “He’s a lucky, lucky, lucky guy.”

Carville observed that none of the 2012 Republican presidential candidates could defeat Obama — but unforseen events could.

“Right now, things are starting to perk up a little bit,” Carville acknowledged. “Who knows? This is the — no Republican can beat Obama. Events can beat Obama. He’s not going to get beat by a Republican. Now events could come in and cause him to lose the election. But that’s it right now. That was not the case three months ago.”

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