James Carville: Why Are Sanders, Dems Attacking Hillary with Same ‘Stupidity’ as GOP?

carvilleJames Carville had quite a lot to say on MSNBC tonight about the increasingly bitter fight amongst Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Carville, a longtime Clinton ally and supporter, told Chris Hayes he’s utterly vexed by how Democrats could look at fracturing of the GOP along with the successes under the last two Democratic presidents––Bill Clinton and Barack Obama––and think, “Let’s nominate somebody that’s not even a Democrat.”

Hayes offered the argument that people are backing Sanders in the name of sending a message about the corrupt system.

Carville said a lot of this is ridiculous and argued that Clinton has put out “very detailed plans” on a great number of issues. When asked about Clinton’s unfavorables, he said, “The media and the Republican party and certain people in the Democratic party have just gone on and piled on all of this stupidity which never amounts to anything.”

He asked, “Why are Democrats piling on the Trey Gowdy Ken Starr Breitbart Drudge message? I have no idea why they’re complicit in this!”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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