comScore James Comey: ‘I Am Not a Tweeter, I Am There to Listen’

James Comey: ‘I Am Not a Tweeter, I Am There to Listen’

FBI Director James Comey briefly addressed the reporting about his Twitter presence during a speech at the ADL National Leadership Summit today.

Comey spoke at length about hate crimes and asked at one point, “Do the ways in which we now communicate, often anonymously and from a great distance, offer license to those who want to hate, who want to discriminate?”

He then brought up the reports about his tweeting––especially that one report that appeared to uncover the secret account he uses

“I’m not a tweeter. I am there to listen, to read especially what’s being said about the FBI and its mission. And sometimes it’s a wonderful place, sometimes it’s a depressing place. Sometimes it feels like I’m all of a sudden immediately in every dive bar in America, where I can hear everybody screaming at the television set. But it is free speech. You don’t have to like it, you don’t have to agree with it, but we will protect it, because it is the bedrock of this great country.”

He did go on to say that people who “move from stewing to acting” on their hate must be stopped.

Comey also reflected on important issues like the lessons of the Holocaust and “the history of law enforcement’s interaction with black America.”

Watch a clip from his speech above, via C-SPAN.

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