James Comey Rips Rod Rosenstein: Not a Person of Strong Character


Former FBI Director James Comey sat down Thursday night with Anderson Cooper for a wide-ranging and informative Town Hall event and revealed much of Comey’s thinking about past and current figures surrounding the past and current investigations into President Donald Trump.

At one point, Cooper brought up what appeared to be sycophancy from Trump’s cabinet members, which then pivoted to former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, the individual who oversaw much of the Special Counsel’s investigation into the Trump campaigns possible coordination with Russian election interference, AND wrote the memo that Trump used as pretext to fire Comey, which he later admitted to doing to “get rid of the Russia thing.”

In Comey’s esteem, Rod Rosenstein is not a person of strong character.

Rosenstein praised President Trump for “respecting the rule of law” during a farewell ceremony that occurred on Wednesday, which Cooper found curious and asked Comey to opine on.

“I think people like that – -Rod Rosenstein — who are people of accomplishment find themselves trapped,” Comey offered, adding “They justify their being trapped which is yeah he’s awful but the country needs me. Republicans are doing this in Congress. Yeah it’s awful but if I speak I’ll get defeated and this nation needs me here right now so they start to make little compromises to stay on the team. Talk about collusion saying that’s what I need to do to survive and in the process, he has eaten their soul. So that’s what happens to so many people. And they end up making compromises.”

Cooper zeroed in and asked his guest if he thought Rod Rosenstein is “a person not of a strong character.”

Comey did not demure in declaring “no, I don’t think he is.”

Watch above via CNN.

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