James Comey Tries to Claim That His Book Tour Is ‘Not About the President’


Former FBI Director James Comey is in the middle of a media blitz to promote his new memoir, A Higher Loyalty. During his latest stop, an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, the ex-FBI chief attempted to make a highly suspect claim that the CNN anchor wasn’t really buying.

“The president obviously had a lot of words in response to you for the last year and change, especially this last week,” Tapper stated. “He’s called you a liar and a leaker. Our reporting says that a Republican that spoke with the president says that the president feels as though he’s weathered your book tour. Has he weathered the book tour? Has he come out unscathed?”

Comey replied that he had “no idea,” adding that “the book tour is not about the president” but instead he hopes it is about “facilitating a conversation about our values.”

He continued, “President [Donald] Trump figures in that obviously because he’s part of the stories I’m trying to tell to illustrate ethical leadership because it’s not about him. I haven’t thought about in terms of whether he’s weathering it or not weathering it.”

Tapper noted that the “book is about President Trump to a great deal,” pointing out that Comey uses Trump a lot as an example in terms of leadership and bullying.

“I think he is a counterpoint,” Comey responded. “That’s why he’s in there. I couldn’t write about ethical leadership and illustrate it with stories without telling stories of someone I think fails to reflect the values of an ethical leader. It is an important part of the book but it is not a book about Donald Trump and I hope it’s useful long into the future and beyond a Trump presidency.”

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