James Corden Skewers a Restaurant For Offering a ‘Seen Rat’ Discount

When restaurants mess up, the best way to make it up to the customer is to offer free stuff (alcohol works wonderfully in these situations), or offer a discount on the total bill. Except, of course, when the way you’ve messed up is that a rodent ran over a customer’s foot. Then, a 30% discount probably isn’t enough and you should get the health department involved quickly.

That’s exactly what happened at a California restaurant and James Corden skewered the restaurant and customer both on The Late Late Show last night. There are so many questions here, and he asks all of them. First- a $30 discount? That’s it? Second- the customer stayed long enough to get the receipt? And there’s a lot more.

The rat story starts at 1:33 of the video. Watch it above, via CBS.

[featured image via screen grab]

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