James O’Keefe Is ‘Creating A Movement Of Investigative Journalists Across The Country’

James O’Keefe is back. O’Keefe, who made a name for himself when he filmed ACORN workers and edited the footage to utterly damning results last year, returned this morning to Good Morning America accompanied by stalwart supporter (partner in crime?) Andrew Breitbart.

O’Keefe’s new target is apparently the Census Bureau, thought honestly if he wanted to put himself to any real use one suspects he should direct his ‘guerrilla’ talents toward the BP workers that are reportedly limiting access to the spill site.

This morning, O’Keefe conceded to George Stephanopoulos that he had committed a crime — “a misdemeanor” — during his foray into Sen. Mary Landrieu’s office earlier this year, though he also says he would do it again, if “differently.” He also noted that he is all about “speaking truth to power” and along with Breitbart pushed back against claims that he is a racist…according to Breitbart that was a Max Blumenthal “hit piece.” In fact, O’Keefe entire reason for being is to combat the sort of journalism propagated by the folks at Salon. Furthermore, O’keefe is “creating a movement of investigative journalists across the country.”

Watch the full interview below. Hopefully members of this ‘movement’ are heading to Louisiana as we speak.

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