Jamie Raskin Hits Republicans For Hypocrisy Over Hunter Biden Gun Charges: If It Was Anybody Else ‘They’d Be Calling For 2nd Amendment Rallies’


Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) claimed Republicans celebrating Hunter Biden‘s recent indictment over gun charges are hypocritical because if it was anybody else they would hold 2nd Amendment rallies.

President Joe Biden‘s youngest son was indicted on three federal charges stemming from his possession of a firearm while he was addicted to drugs as well as making false statements, according to court documents. Hunter faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted on all counts.

Republicans in Congress celebrated the news as they prepare to open the impeachment inquiry into Biden over his son’s foreign business dealings. Raskin spoke with CNN host Jake Tapper on Thursday to react to Hunter’s legal troubles.

“The rule of law continues to work in America,” Raskin told Tapper. “It was not unlike my reaction after the four indictments against Donald Trump and the 91 criminal charges, which is that the grand juries have met, the grand juries have assembled all the facts and the grand juries have acted.”

The Democratic lawmaker noted that House Republicans, who have staunchly defended gun owners for decades, were being hypocritical for celebrating Hunter’s indictment.

“I know there’s some jubilation and celebration among my GOP colleagues,” he continued. “It’s a bit ironic to me, given that I think if almost anybody else in the country were charged with those gun charges, they would be calling for Second Amendment rallies all over the country.”

“But we do stand up on our side of the aisle for the rule of law. We want to see the rule of law work in everybody’s case, whether we’re talking about Hunter Biden, or Donald Trump or Jared Kushner or anybody else,” Raskin concluded.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has previously stated that the president would not pardon if son if he was convicted of a crime.

Hunter initially secured a plea deal with the DOJ prosecutors over tax evasion misdemeanors and a gun charge, but the agreement fell apart in a Delaware court during the summer.

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