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Janeane Garofalo: GOP Loves Herman Cain Because He ‘Pretends We’re In A Post-Racial Society’

Appearing on Countdown Wednesday evening with guest host David Shuster, actress-comedienne Janeane Garofalo criticized the Republican’s 2012 political strategy of labeling President Obama as elitist — or “uppity” as Rush Limbaugh has on his program. “It always works on a certain segment of the population. If you are trying to appeal to the worst in us,” Garofalo observed. “Quite literally, the worst in us and you’re trying to go to the limbic brain of anxiety, fear, intolerance, hatred, bitterness, ignorance, you have to just use these very simple, as they say, dog whistle words.”

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Shuster mentioned Congressman Joe Walsh‘s characterization of Occupy Wall Street protesters as un-American, and asked Garofalo if the GOP was so far in the pockets of the banks that they would call dissenters unpatriotic.

“This is the party of freedom fries!” Garofalo exclaimed. “It’s so silly, it infantalizes us all, and unfortunately, the mainstream media is quite willing to help them do this, quite willing to let these things slide, but they do love a black man like Herman Cain, and Michael Steele, and is it Ron Christie? Any of these pundits who pretend we’re in a post-racial society. They like that kind of black person.”

Watch Garofalo’s analysis of the Republican 2012 strategy below via Current TV:

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