Japanese Radiation Found In US Water, Megyn Kelly Asks If We Need To Worry

In a number of American states, trace amounts of radiation that originated in Japan has been found in the rainwater. Hearing this, most people are going to want to know whether or not we need to worry. Earlier, Megyn Kelly posed this question to Dr. Richard Firshein who said that, as of yet, we don’t need to be concerned over here.

Firshein explained that radioactive levels are measured in picocuries and that, while the radiation found is from Japan, the levels have not risen above those found in a typical glass of beer. He did say that everyone would be watching the water around Japan very intently over the next week but, when Kelly asked if we’d ever have to change where we got our drinking water from, he promised that we were still “so very far” from that type of situation.

Of course, we may not be getting the full story. I mean, what do either Kelly or the doctor think about magic?

Watch the clip from Fox News below:

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