comScore Jared Fogle FBI Informant: He Said 'Middle School Girls Were So Hot'

Jared Fogle FBI Informant: He Said ‘Middle School Girls Were So Hot’

The FBI informant who helped gather evidence and bring charges against ex-Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle spoke with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Thursday night.

Rochelle Herman, whose actions were earlier referenced in subpoenaed conversations from the ongoing investigation against the sandwich chain celebrity, first became aware of Fogle’s activities when he made an offhand remark about thinking “middle school girls were so hot.” The two were attending a promotional event, unsurprisingly, at a school.

“I was in shock,” Herman told Cooper. “I actually was questioning, ‘Did I really just hear what I think I heard?’ I looked over at my cameraman…and he was just astounded.”

She notified local authorities, who turned her report over to the FBI. At that point, she was asked to wear a wire and record private conversations with Fogle, who’d grown trusting of her “for unknown reasons.”

At one point, things got really, really creepy when Fogle began bringing up Herman’s two small children into the conversation: “He talked to me about installing hidden cameras in their rooms and asked me if I would choose which child I would like him to watch.”

Check out the clip below, courtesy of CNN:

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