Jason Chaffetz Attacks ‘Scorched Earth’ Democrats on Russia: ‘They Got Nothing’

On Wednesday, House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz minced no words towards his Democratic opponents on Fox News’s Tucker Carlson Tonight, predicting that they will adjust to Robert Mueller‘s new role as special counsel and keep up their attack.

You can just already hear them in advance,” Chaffetz said. “It’s an insatiable desire. They have no ideas. They have no policies. And so, it’s their scorched-earth mentality and approach, to just say, you know, let’s burn it to the ground.”

Host Tucker Carlson wondered, “Do you think the Democratic members…alleging a conspiracy involving Trump and Putin believe that there was actual collusion between the two?

The outgoing politician from Utah said, “If they do, where’s the evidence? I’m happy to pursue it, but I don’t have anybody actually presenting me any evidence.”

Rep. Chaffetz also pointed out colleague Maxine Waterswild accusation against him: “You [had] Maxine Waters saying that somehow I was suspect — that my ties to the Kremlin — are you kidding me? I live in Utah, for goodness sake!”

Carlson later wondered, “Do you think that some of them are sincere?” The Utah Republican had a blunt reply.

I think their sincerity is probably there,” Chaffetz said. “But a lot of them…if you try to go even an inch deep into what sort of evidence that they have, they got nothing — nothing.”

You can watch the relevant portion of the Chaffetz segment above, via Fox News.

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