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Jason Chaffetz on Jared Kushner Senate Interview: What About Chelsea Clinton?

Former Congressman Jason Chaffetz appeared on Fox & Friends Monday morning to discuss Jared Kushner’s interview with members of the Senate Intelligence Committee over a meeting he had with a Russian lawyer promising dirt on Hillary Clinton.

And the congressman-turned-Fox talking head (who may or may not be auditioning for an anchor gig on Fox & Friends) had a pressing question: what about Chelsea Clinton?

“Republicans need to get a backbone,” Chaffetz started, defiantly. “Every time the Democrats say they need to call up Jared Kushner or Don Jr. — call up Chelsea Clinton, call up the Clintons.”

“There we have an inspector general who issues a report stating an actual crime. You have Bill Clinton, the former president, taking millions and millions of dollars from countries, that Hillary Clinton is going in and then doing business.”

“So every time a Democrat says ‘I gotta talk to Donald Trump Jr.,’ then go up and bring Chelsea Clinton in there,” the congressman continued, arguing that the former first daughter was “involved in the Benghazi situation” and the Clinton Foundation.

Chaffetz went on to note that when he, as chairman of the Oversight Committee, called in Obama’s deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes to testify about the Iran deal, the administration cited executive privilege.

“I think the Trumps need to actually get a lot of credit for openness and transparency,” Chaffetz argued.

He concluded by calling it “ridiculous” that Kushner was appearing on Capitol Hill to testify, claiming “they would never, ever, ever do this to the Clintons,” and that the administration should have used executive privilege to exempt the president’s son-in-law.

Trump’s son-in-law, now a White House adviser, is set to meet with members of the Senate Intelligence Committee on Monday to discuss the June, 2016 meeting with a Kremlin-connected Russian lawyer. Kushner released a prepared statement denying any collusion with Moscow on his behalf ahead of the meeting on Monday.

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