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Jason Chaffetz Receives Threatening Voicemail: ‘Prepare for the Battle Motherf*cker!’

Outgoing Congressman Jason Chaffetz has released an extremely disturbing office voicemail where someone threatened to hunt him down and end his life.

Fox & Friends played the voicemail on their Thursday show, and…you should just listen above. It’s quite intense.

Though Chaffetz received this voicemail months ago, its release comes just over a week since the attack against the GOP Congressional Baseball team. Fox notes that the chairman of the United States House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform has been pushing recently for additional security, and advising law enforcement to take threats against elected officials more seriously.

Chaffetz was asked about the message when he appeared on Fox later this morning, and he talked about how members of Congress receive threatening messages on a regular basis. Chaffetz explained that these kinds of messages rarely get prosecuted, even as he described a separate message where someone said they were “going to come and slit [his] throat.”

“I have stacks, mounds of written threats that people put their names to, send us emails. But, again, they don’t get prosecuted,” Chaffetz said. “There has got to be better ways to protect members of Congress.”

Listen above, via Fox.

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