Jay Carney: Comparisons Between Obama and Nixon Result Of ‘The Rapid Politicization Of Everything’

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney was peppered with questions at Tuesday’s press briefing over scandals relating to the Department of Justice’s obtainment of phone records from the Associated Press, the scrubbing of talking points on Benghazi, and news that the Internal Revenue Service targeted conservative groups. Carney was asked about the comparisons being made between President Barack Obama and President Richard Nixon. Carney brushed off those concerns, saying they result from the “politicization of everything.”

“I can tell you that the people who make those kinds of comparisons need to check their history,” Carney said. “Because, you know, what we have here with one issue – Benghazi – is so clearly, as we’re learning more and more, a political sideshow. A deliberate effort to politicize a tragedy.”

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Carney said that the White House is only now learning about the other scandals and needs to learn more details before commenting on them in detail.

“I think that it is a reflection of the, you know, sort of, rapid politicization of everything that you have that kind of commentary,” Carney said. “Everything becomes, you know, a huge political issue when, if you look at the facts, and I think Benghazi is instructive in this, the real issue is that four Americans died.”

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