Jay Carney Reacts to Gates’ Book: What You Get When You Pick a ‘Team of Rivals’


From the first question at Wednesday’s White House press briefing, Jay Carney was bombarded with inquiries regarding former Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ new book, Duty: Memoirs of a Secretary at War, and its damning assessments of President Barack Obama and especially Vice President Joe Biden.

Elaborating on the official White House statement released last night, Carney said Obama “greatly appreciates the advice and counsel” of his vice president and these types of disagreements can be expected when pick a “team of rivals” to fill your cabinet.

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“When it comes to the internal inner-agency process, the president expects it to be robust,” Carney said of the evident differences of opinion between Gates and Obama on Afghanistan strategy. “And he expects to hear competing points of view from every member of his national security team.”

“A lot of you wrote about or talked about at the time that the president picked a team of rivals,” Carney continued, using a term that was popularized by historian Doris Kearns Goodwin in her book about Abraham Lincoln. “And when you pick a team of rivals, you do so in part because you expect competing points of view and competing opinions. And that’s very much what the president expects in foreign policy and domestic policy and that’s what he gets. And he’s grateful for it.”

Watch video below, via C-SPAN 3:

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