Leno Hits Obama on Shutdown: So Bad He’s ‘Now Down To Just One Teleprompter!’

Jay Leno had some fun at the expense of, well, everyone in Washington Wednesday night, calling them “spineless jellyfish” and even launching a mock campaign to “Fire Useless Politicians” over the government shutdown.

Leno said, “Well, to all you non-essential employees who have been forced out of your job, hey, I work for NBC. I know how you feel.”

Leno went through all the horrible effects of the shutdown, saying it’s so terrible, “President Obama‘s now down to just one teleprompter!” The shutdown’s also so bad that government workers are “watching Breaking Bad just to get the meth recipes.”

He also mocked Harry Reid for saying he had a “telephonic conversation” with John Boehner. Leno pointed out, “When two members of Congress talk to each other, it’s not telephonic, it’s moronic!”

Watch the video below, via NBC:

[photo via screengrab]

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