Jay Leno on Fallon, Meyers and the Chances He’ll Appear on Letterman

On Tuesday night, Jay Leno was inducted into the TV Hall of Fame. Before he accepted the honor, he talked to the Associated Press on the red carpet about how he thinks his successor Jimmy Fallon is doing so far, along with Fallon’s replacement Seth Meyers and the chances that he could appear as a guest on the Late Show with David Letterman anytime soon.

On Fallon:

“I love Jimmy, he’s terrific, he brings a new energy. I think it was smart to bring [The Tonight Show] to New York, get a different vibe, a different feel. I think he’s really good.

On Meyers:

“I love Seth too. Seth is really good. Really good monologues, very funny material.”

On the rumors that David Letterman is trying to book him on the Late Show:

“I suppose I could, why couldn’t I? You can do any show you want, it’s not like you’re banned. Who knows? Maybe. We’ll see what happens.”

Watch video below, via AP:


[photo via AP]

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