Jay Leno Reveals Secret Behind Organ Music Played During Romney’s NAACP Speech

Leno Reveals Secret Behind Organ Music Played During Romney's NAACP Speech

Tonight Show host Jay Leno had a little fun over Mitt Romney‘s speech to members of the NAACP yesterday, making particular note of the odd and fairly distracting use of organ music during the GOP candidate’s talk.

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“I understand he worked very hard on his speech,” said Leno, “but the problem is Mitt Romney does not know a lot of people of color, so he first ran the speech past John Boehner. Yeah, I guess that was as close as they could get. Romney told the crowd that if he were elected president, he would fight for all millionaires, black or white. How about that? So there you go. There you go. Yes siree, Bob.”

“Actually,” he continued, “they say Romney’s speech swayed a number of African-Americans from supporting President Obama to strongly supporting President Obama.”

He then explained just what that organ music was all about…

Have a look, via NBC:

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