Jay Leno Reveals Why He Refused to Appear on Letterman’s Final Run


For months leading up to David Letterman’s last night as host of The Late Show on CBS this past May, there were rumors flying around about a possible appearance by his one-time nemesis Jay Leno on one of the final shows. Reports confirmed that Letterman’s people extended the invitation and, as you can see in the interview below, Leno indicated that he was open to the possibility.

But, Letterman’s departure came and went without any appearance by, or even mention of, the man who was his biggest competitor for decades. In fact, the two men haven’t shared the screen since they sat awkwardly with Oprah Winfrey between them in a 2010 Super Bowl commercial.

Watch video below, via Extra:

Now, five months later, Leno has finally opened up about why he stayed away in an interview with AdWeek’s Jason Lynch.

“Well, I asked Dave to do a 10-second tape for us [when I left],” Leno said of his final run as host of NBC’s Tonight Show. “Anything, just, ‘Leno who?’ They said no, they didn’t want to do it. Well, why am I going to run all the way to New York? I mean, quid pro quo. I just said, ‘No, that’s kind of silly.'”

Leno, who is now hosting a new show about his collection of cars and motorcycles for CNBC, said he no longer watches late night to keep tabs on what his former competitors are doing and instead occasionally watches for fun — but apparently he’s sticking with NBC.

“I watch Jimmy [Fallon]; I watch Seth [Meyers],” he said. “I don’t really watch a lot of the others. Those are my two favorites. I like those guys.”

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